Plan Roofing

Whether you are looking for someone to come in and do the work on new construction, a recent addition, or as part of a renovation – you have to make sure you get the planning side done for what you are responsible for.

The owner is responsible for 3 things with projects

There are three things that you are responsible for if you are the owner, or lead contractor, on a project that requires you hire a Chicago roofing and siding contractor. They are – the scheduling, the access and the contract funds. All of them involve taking care of some details that you may not be aware of – so we will break each section down so you understand what is your responsibility in each. Click on  home roofing

Responsibility #1 – Scheduling

Homeowners often don’t realize the extent of scheduling that they are responsible for. The first thing you should notice when you go looking for a Chicago roofing and siding contractor is that you are looking for one in Chicago. That seems like a given, but sometimes when you live in an area you forget to see what that means. In Chicago, it means dealing with some weather extremes. You need to figure out when is the earliest in the season you can get the contractor in to do the work, and what is the latest they can be done by so you don’t wind up with snow in your attic. If you are doing other work on the project – the contractors who need to be in before or done before the roofing and siding go on have to be planned for as well. Fortunately, there is a lot of work that can happen after you have your Chicago roofing and siding work done.

Responsibility #2 – Access

One of the other reasons you have to plan ahead is so you don’t have six different contractors all trying to use your driveway at the same time – making sure each has their own room to work is essential. Roofing and siding can take up a lot of room as they often use work trucks and require an on-site dumpster. Making sure that the area is clear for them, that they have parking space, and that they are out of the path of traffic is not the contractor’s job – it is your job to make arrangements for this. Depending on the size of the job you may also have to provide bathroom facilities and water, that is generally the contractor’s responsibility but many will make it a clause of their contract too.

Responsibility #3 – Contract Funds

The last of your responsibilities is for the contract funds. This goes beyond the basics of having money and paying for the job it means having invested the time to negotiate with your Chicago roofing and siding company a criteria for payment. This is usually broken down into stages such as a deposit to reserve the space for work in the contractor’s schedule, payment when materials are delivered, and then payment after the work is done. The last is where you have to strike some very clear guidelines. Know what you expect in as far as cleaning and communicate it in writing to the contractor before the work begins. This will allow you both to know the standard for the job to be considered done so there is no issue later.

Plan ahead to make everything go smoothly

If you listen to people who say they have had problems with a Chicago roofing and siding contractor chances are you may hear them describe what areas they were responsible for, but didn’t take care of, that helped create the problem. Don’t rely on both of you having the same definition of what it takes to get a job done, talk it out and get it in writing so there is clarity for both sides.